Loop Detectors

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Moye Electric became registered with the state of Georgia in 2008. We are authorized to perform work up to $35 million under the ID of 2MO975. In the last eight years we have installed over 60 complete traffic signals throughout the state. The state has recently approved nearly 1 billion dollars in resurfacing projects throughout the state and when a milling machine damages a traffic signal loop, the prime typically has only 4 days to replace it before liquidated damages will begin. We have found a niche in our ability to respond to small loop projects throughout the state quickly and efficiently. Our loop crews are available to work day or night, depending on the owner's preferences. If you have a project that needs new loops, please give us a call: 478-275-9054

Traffic Signal Supervisor

David Moye | Email

Professional Engineer/Vice President

Recent Projects

Camden County Resurfacing Project

Replace 53 loops on East Kings Ave
Prime: East Coast Asphalt.
Location: Kingsland, Georgia

Chatham County Resurfacing Project

Replace 49 loops on Hwy 80
Prime: Preferred Materials, Inc.
Location: Savannah, Georgia

Bryan County Resurfacing Project

Replace 35 loops on Hwy 144
Prime: East Coast Asphalt
Location: Richmond Hill, Georgia