Residential Construction/Maintenance

Our service department handles many projects large and small. From repairing a dryer plug to rewiring your entire home, we have you covered. Neil Lord and his crews have seen a lot over the years and they know how to complete the job professionally, and most of all, safely. When we finish the service call, you can rest assured you can stay safely in your home or office. Call us today to discuss your service needs 478-275-9054.

Moye Electric has served the Middle Georgia Area for over 20 years. We are not a fly by night operation and our company is fully insured. Even if you don't hire us, please don't make the mistake of hiring an uninsured electrician. Working with electricity is dangerous even under the best conditions and you don't want someone getting hurt in your home and you getting sued. All of our electricians are protected by worker's compensation so you can rest easy from start to finish.

We are open 8am to 5pm Monday-Thursday, 8am to 2pm Friday. If you smell smoke or see an unsafe condition, there is no substitute for turning the circuit off before you call us. If you can't get someone out immediately, always choose the safest course and leave the circuit off until we, or any, electrical company can respond.

Service Manager

Neil Lord | Email