High Mast Tower Installations

Moye Electric excels at the various aspects of installing all types of street lighting. We own (2) derricks capable of augering a hole 4ft wide, 20ft deep. Between our capacity to trench and bore in service lines, we can reach any location and bring quality lighting to your site. We have installed two complete high mast lighting projects, one being a design build team approach with Technicon Engineering out of Macon, Georgia. We are currently working with Reeves Construction in Vienna installing 19 towers and upgrading 4 towers.

Notable Projects

I75 Vienna Lighting Upgrades

Design/Build installation with 18 100ft towers
Prime: Reeves Construction Co.
Location: Vienna, Georgia

Ocmulgee Blvd/I-16 Upgrade

Installation of 18 100ft towers and 57 street lights
Prime: CW Matthews, Inc.
Location: Macon, Georgia

US1/I-16 Lighting Upgrade

Design/Build installation with 19 100ft towers and 19 street lights
Prime: Roger's Bridge Company, Inc.
Location: Dublin, Georgia